San Mateo Credit Union

Headquartered in Redwood City, California, San Mateo Credit Union is a member-owned, not-for-profit financial cooperative, that is committed to supporting non-profits and efforts that contribute to building stronger communities where its members and employees live and work.

San Mateo Credit Union(SMCU) was chartered on Jan 1, 1952. 

The organization has assets in the amount of $802,760,617. Over 78,807 members are associated with the organization. 

San Mateo Credit Union serves its members from 8 branches located in California. Members’ deposits, at least up to $250,000 are insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). 

SMCU members have access to a network of over 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs nationwide. SMCU can utilize more than 7,000 shared service centers nationwide because of the collaborative nature of credit unions. 

SMCU is owned by its members and governed in a democratic way by a volunteer board of directors who are also members of the credit union.

Membership of the SMCU

Membership is open to those who live, work, or own a business located in San Mateo County, the city of Palo Alto, and certain parts of San Francisco.

Routing Number of the San Mateo Credit Union

San Mateo Credit Union’s routing number for the purpose of direct deposits and wire transfers is 32117485.

Working Hours of the SMCU

Hours of operation at the SMCU are as follows:

From Monday to Thursday,

 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

On Friday,

 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

On Saturday,

 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Branches of the San Mateo Credit Union

San Mateo Credit Union has seven functional full-service branches in Northern California’s Bay Area. Members have access to more than 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs nationwide. 

SMCU members also get access to more than 5,000 shared branch locations at credit unions around the country.

The branches of the San Mateo Credit Union, with their name, followed by their address, are given as follows:

1. Redwood City Main Branch

575 Middlefield Road

Redwood City, CA 94063

2. San Mateo Branch

1515 South El Camino Real

San Mateo, CA 94402

3. Westlake Branch

415 Westlake Center

Daly City, CA 94015

4. East Palo Alto Branch

1735 East Bayshore Road

East Palo Alto, CA 94303

5. South San Francisco Branch

150 El Camino Real

South San Francisco, CA 94080

6. North Fair Oaks Branch

3117 Middlefield Road

Redwood City, CA 94063

7. Half Moon Bay Branch

40 Cabrillo Hwy North

Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

Aspects of Online Banking provided by the San Mateo Credit Union

The facility of Online Banking has made life easier for its members’ by providing access to a number of facilities, just present at the touch of a click.

  • Bill Pay

Bill Pay is available via SMCU Online Banking. Bill Pay helps customers by:

  • Paying whom one wants, whether it’s a person or a business within the U.S.
  • Paying when one wants
  • Setting up one-time or recurring payments using the handy calendar feature
  • Reviewing outgoing payments and bill payment history.
  • Cutting the clutter by receiving eBills from many merchants
  • TransferNow

TransferNow is an online tool that helps in the movement of money externally. TransferNow helps by:

  • Securely adding and verifying external accounts at over 15,000 financial institutions 
  • Making secure ACH transfers between one’s SMCU checking, savings, and money market accounts and one’s checking, savings, brokerage, and money market accounts at other institutions
  • Initiating or scheduling a one-time or recurring transfer
  • Popmoney®

Popmoney® is a secure, convenient way to pay directly from one bank account directly to another. Now, one can request or send money in a snap with SMCU’s Popmoney®.

  • Money could be sent to any email address, mobile phone, or U.S. bank account number.
  • One can also add a custom message with the money.
  • There is no requirement of third-party accounts or setup.
  • It is not required for Recipients to have a Popmoney® account.
  • Payments can be executed as soon as the next day or within three business days.

Community Involvement of the San Mateo Credit Union

SMCU tries to strengthen and empower the people who live in the communities it serves. 

From Daly City down to East Palo Alto, SMCU offers low- to no-cost financial services, great interest rates, free financial education, and much more.

  • Financial Contribution

SMCU is dedicated to providing valuable support to local organizations and efforts that improve the quality of life and financial well-being of San Mateo County residents. 

SMCU donates over $130,000 a year to non-profit organizations that perform their operations in San Mateo County for the primary benefit of San Mateo County residents. 

As the community leader in financial education, San Mateo Credit Union strives to improve the overall financial wellness of its members and the communities it functions. 

San Mateo Credit Union provides resources and grants that expand access to financial services, improve financial stability through low-cost products and services, and expand financial knowledge.

  • Community Partnership

SMCU ensures that it is meeting the commitments through thoughtful and balanced planning. SMCU creates its giving plan in the autumn each year for implementation the following year. 

While San Mateo Credit Union considers requests for support throughout the year, the majority of efforts and support are determined during its meticulous planning process. 

SMCU evaluates each request carefully, giving preference to those that meet at least one of the following:

  • Providing access to local, affordable educational and cultural events for families in the community
  • Providing financial literacy and SMCU scholarships to community members, employees, and students
  • Supporting affordable housing and education
  • Benefiting non-profit organizations where its members reside
  • Credit Union Advocacy

Industry organizations and events supported and/or attended by the San Mateo Credit Union are as follows:

  • California Credit Union League (CCUL) and the territorial El Camino League Chapter
  • SacTown 10k Run for the benefit Children’s Miracle Network
  • Credit Union National Association (CUNA)
  • Governmental Affairs Conference (GAC)
  • National Credit Union Foundation (NCUF)
  • Financial Education

San Mateo Credit Union is well renowned at the state, national, and international levels for excellence in financial education – for youth, students, and adults. San Mateo Credit Union conducts workshops and provides online educational content for all ages, covering topics like budgeting, understanding credit, buying a home, and much more.

Benefits of Partnership with San Mateo Credit Union

The myriad number of opportunities provided by SMCU is a remark to its testimony of excellence:

  1. For Business or Non-profit Organizations

San Mateo Credit Union offers a number of benefits to the different businesses and Non-profit organizations located in its vicinity.

Some of them are as follows:

  • Enhancing benefits package

SMCU always tries to attract and retain high-caliber employees, increase job satisfaction, and boost employee loyalty by offering access to a California financial institution that cares for them.

  • No cost incurred by an organization

It costs nothing to business to become a San Mateo Credit partner. It’s true whether one of the business’s employees/participants uses SMCU or all of them do.

  • Easy to administer

SMCU leaves no stone unturned in providing all the tools necessary to implement and administer credit union benefits. 

There is a provision, whereby, a representative will periodically visit a business site and provide printed materials to promote the credit union advantage.

  • Education-focused

San Mateo Credit Union offers free financial seminars, both onsite and online, featuring timely topics such as Building a Better Budget, Using Credit Wisely, 10 Steps to Financial Success, Raising Money-Smart Kids, etc.

2. For Students and Adults

San Mateo Credit Union organizes a number of seminars, symposiums, conferences on how to manage finance. They are as follows:

  • Making Change Program (High School Students)

Making Change is San Mateo Credit Union’s flagship program for high school students, from freshman to seniors. 

It is an eight-workshop series that covers budgeting and savings, understanding credit, the differences between a bank and credit union, and more. 

The program ends with two very useful workshops: Cash for College (seniors only), which guides families on how to apply for financial aid for college, and Bite of Reality, a virtual simulation that shows students the realities of financial life.

  • Cash for College (Graduating High School Seniors)

San Mateo Credit Union’s Financial Education Administrator is the only credit union professional who is certified to conduct this very special program from the California state. 

In this progy, families use a computer lab to fill out their California financial aid forms. 

This hands-on workshop helps in ensuring that each graduating senior get as much financial aid as possible for a four-year or community college.

  • Bite of Reality (Youth ages 12 – 18)

While also part of the Making Change program, SMCU’s Bite of Reality Workshop is also available as a one-off event. 

In it, students receive a parallel life situation with a profession, salary, and family situation. Then they must allocate their income wisely to avoid overextending themselves. 

It is done in an amicable environment through the Bite of Reality App.

  • LEARN Program (Adult Learners)

SMCU has tailored a program for its non-profit community partners that primarily utilizes online financial education modules so that adult learners can go at their own pace – either through their phone or on a desktop computer. 

The LEARN Program is very customizable to the needs of non- profit organizations.

  • Home Buying Seminars (Prospective Adults in the market to buy a home)

If a person has been thinking about buying a home, SMCU holds regular Home Buying Seminars to help understand and start the mortgage process. 

One can check seminars and events page to see when would be the next home buying seminar organized.

  • Debt and Credit Counseling (All Adults)

If a person is struggling to pay his or her loans, SMCU offers one-on-one counseling to help through its partner BALANCE. 

A representative at BALANCE can take the concerned person through consolidation and forgiveness options so that the person can get back on the right track.

  • Online Financial Education (Any Age)

SMCU has over 25+ online education courses that are free to use for all members and community partners. They also offer a variety of interactive calculators.

  • Custom Workshops (Any Age)

SMCU can be contacted to inquire about a custom workshop, program, or curriculum.

3. Employee Benefits 

San Mateo Credit Union offers many benefits to its employees, namely:

  • Minimal rates on loans
  • Higher savings dividends
  • Free checking plus Visa debit card
  • Free Personal Auto Shopper to take the bickering out of car-buying
  • Sustainable home loans
  • Designated Direct Deposit and Payroll Deduction
  • Online banking available with free Bill Pay
  • Number of Financial education seminars
Volunteering by the San Mateo Credit Union

San Mateo Credit Union supports the following organizations with staff volunteers hours:

  • America Heart Association
  • American Cancer Society (Relay for Life)
  • Kainos Mentorship Program
  • Children’s Miracle Network
  • San Mateo County Department of Housing Backpack Drive
  • Woodside High School Mentorship Program

In addition to that, San Mateo Credit Union gives more than $130,000 a year to local non-profit organizations.

Accolades received by the San Mateo Credit Union

San Mateo Credit Union received first-place honors in the Dora Maxwell Social Responsibility Community Service Award program at the national level. 

San Mateo Credit Union won in the “$250 million-$1 billion assets” category. The credit union was recognized at the 2017 Credit Union National Association (CUNA) Governmental Affairs Conference. 

The award appreciated the credit unions for their community outreach efforts.

San Mateo Credit Union was recognized for the development of its San Mateo County Scholars (SCMS) Program, intended towards developing leadership, academic, and financial education skills of area high school mothers. 

Women from the SMCU and the Global Women’s Leadership Network (an organization that seeks to develop women leaders across the world) volunteered in the classroom, and actively participated as in-person or electronic mentors. 

The results were startling: 100% of the students were banked and more than half opened youth savers accounts for their babies. 

San Mateo Credit Union received a first-place award at the state level competition, in California, which allowed it to move forward to the national competition.

The Dora Maxwell Award, along with the Louise Herring Philosophy-in-Action Member Service Award and the Desjardins Awards for Financial Education, is administered at the state level by the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues, Ontario, California-based trade association for credit unions in both states, and nationally by CUNA.

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Ethos and Mission of the San Mateo Credit Union

SMCU invests in its communities through financial education, scholarships, grants, sponsorship, in-kind donations, volunteerism, and leadership support to non-profit organizations. 

As SMCU serves in the county of San Mateo, priority is given to the initiatives and efforts that serve students and underbanked residents within their communities.